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Out SAGA clinic is dedicated to the issue of infertility diagnosis and the treatment of fertility disorders. We provide a broad range of treatment methods and additional techniques that increase not only the treatment success rates, but also the comfort of our patients.

Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatment has advanced to the next level thanks to modern medicine and new techniques. These new techniques are opening doors for couples that are experiencing conception problems and might be in need for assisted reproduction. There is even hope for couples who have tried unsuccessfully to conceive for many years.

Modern Methonds of Treatment

The method of in-vitro fertilisation, where the sperm is left alone to spontaneously merge with an egg, has been enhanced by additional methods to reach higher success rates. That is the reason why it is standard for SAGA Clinic to use the ICSI method, Assisted Hatching (AH), prolonged cultivation and vitrification of the remaining embryos. Thanks to these additional methods we are able to reach over 98% success rate.

Genetic Testing

Preimplantation genetic testing is a highly specialised technique designed to identify chromosomal aberrations (deviations and changes) or monogenic hereditary diseases before an embryo is transferred to the uterus. The main goal of the testing is to select only the embryos in which no abnormality was detected.

Egg Donation

Egg donation is a variant of artificial fertilisation using eggs donated by an anonymous donor. This solution is particularly suitable for women whose ovaries are no longer functional for various reasons.


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