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The allure of affordable dental care paired with the chance to explore new destinations is a driving force for many seeking treatment abroad, especially in Albania, where patients can enjoy both exceptional dental services and unforgettable tourism experiences. 

Albania boasts a well-developed dental care system, offering patients comprehensive treatment packages that include transportation, accomodation and most importantly high-quality dental care services.

Our dental surgeons have graduated from leading European universities, and our clinic holds certification from the Ministry of Health, ensuring top-tier quality and expertise in every procedure. Our primary objective is to offer a solid foundation for prospective patients to undergo complex dental procedures at significantly lower prices compared to their home country. From routine check-ups to complex procedures, we offer comprehensive services tailored to each individual's needs, ensuring optimal oral health and radiant smiles

Dental Implants

Transforming smiles with precision and expertise, our clinic offers expert guidance on dental implants for a confident, long-lasting solution such as: Straumann

Filling and Repairs

Filling is used to repair a tooth affected by cracks, fractures, decay or other issues that can affect the structural part of the tooth, causing the loss of its strength. Materials: Tooth-colored composite fillings & Ceramics.

Dental Crown

Crowns are a way of protecting teeth that are weak or have been broken. They also help improve the appearance of teeth that are irregularly shaped or stained. Crowns can last many years if they are cared for properly. Material: Zirconia & Ceramic

Emax Veneers

Emax Veneers is a virtually painless cosmetic dentistry procedure that can address a wide variety of common dental concerns. Constructed from a very thin, yet durable, ceramic material, veneers are bonded to the front of each tooth to form a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift is a common surgical procedure to provide sufficient bone under the maxillary (upper jaw) sinus for dental implant placement.

Dental Prothesis

is an intraoral prosthesis used to restore defects such as missing teeth, missing parts of teeth, and missing soft or hard structures of the jaw and palate.

Why choose Albania for dental implants?

Despite the fact that the dental service has a really high quality, dental clinics in Albania offer them at the most competitive prices. Affordable rates here don't mean sacrificing quality – you'll receive the same exceptional treatments as in other Countries in Europe. Since our dentists have studied and been specialized abroad with international educational systems, it means that they use the same methods, treatments and equipment as dental clinics abroad follow. They are always in touch with the latest technologies, in order to promise you the best results. Our clinics are built according to the medical standards Iso 9001, which means they are safe, controlled and innovative. They are ready to give you the highest quality of treatments with unbelievable prices. When it comes to our health, it is very difficult to decide about which hands to trust, but Albanian dental clinics have seemed to be very successful and this can be proven by a lot of international patients that choose them every year. Our all-inclusive packages cover flights, accommodations, and transfers. Book your complimentary consultation now!


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